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Who says dressing room cannot have conflicting
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Who says dressing room cannot have conflicting infighting can also boost fighting strength.Days, we talk about a good topic--the conflicts there might be to improve the team in the locker room ... When it comes to players in the locker room, small ears once feel, locker room is like a movie starring Al Pacino Sunday, that later evolved in the locker room, plenty of sunshine, passion and blood,  mens nike free 5.0 v4      evil and opposition there is no living space. Until then, I knew he was wrong, the fierce idealist is a disease, treatment. Warriors 203 less sword in the locker room, but again, oppressors, bullies mountain carving. Captain of the England cricket team, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games United Kingdom torch cheap nike free run 3 womens      Kevin Peterson in his autobiography in five surprising facts tell us some of the secrets of the England cricket team dressing room--it was controlled by a few bullies. Surprised, right? But that's just the facts.

Peterson disclosed in his autobiography said that as long as the catcher, catch the ball, bowlers in the team are going to ask them to make a formal apology, but also very committed to do whatever we can to humiliate the wrong players. Peterson himself was not a gentleman, one year of Australia during the tour, England's best batsman Terrot due to stress-induced illness midway through the game back home. nike air thera mens     Insider is a cursed teammates scolded Peterson had a result that series England lost 0:5, Peterson, then being solutions to the captain's Chair.A former captain to write such a fiery book makes many Britons feel shocked, after all, in the British tradition, internal struggle is only do harm but no good. But if infighting led to Peterson's book as a collective story of split, it would be a mistake. The England cricket team is not an ordinary workplace. In high level sport, in-fighting and sometimes can also enhance the competitive level. As for nike air thera buy    ordinary people, workplace of the field General, is where most of us will be 40 years requires harmony, General boss does not expect employees to be geniuses or committed. Employers provide their employees with little return, of course, they cannot be raised too high demands. As long as employees do their jobs every day, and not to leave their posts, they will be satisfied. If employees want a change, a good idea is to make them happy. However, the top sports are not. Like Real Madrid's Iker Casillas said, "any football person would dream of one day becoming Spain's captain. "Spain football

top players are everywhere. In a workplace, devotion is the most basic professional requirements. Their performance is relatively easy to measure, and their performance more important than whether they are happy. Spain's team, del Bosque could in theory almost any demands on the players. Therefore, the rules in the sport is the biggest enemy. This psychological players muddle along, because tomorrow is another day. nike free tr fit 3 online   Casillas said: "we have a year to 250Day walking on the road, the road never ends. "At Real Madrid before the eyes of some, he is a stupid, creepy guy, but in day after day of hard training, Kathy's" domineering "seems to have worn out team-mates to remain vigilant, it is not difficult to explain why Real Madrid's Diego Lopez, such high levels of reserve goalkeeper Nawaz. Mild-mannered coaches tend to create a relaxed atmosphere in the dressing room, like del Bosque, Ancelotti, their gentle management methods have paid off in the dressing room. Of course, this one also has a heterogeneous, like football's thinkers – Johan Cruyff. He believes that quarrels can promote creativity within the team, because the quarrel was more serious consideration by all the team play. According to tradition, United Kingdom sports teams are usually part of follow the United Kingdom armed forces approach to management, the camaraderie and sense of submission to the core. However, Cruyff believes that frictional properties of pattern might work better. Cruyff, Menotti and Jorge Valdano is football's most influential thinkers of the last half century. In the 1960 of the 20th century, Johan Cruyff and his coach at AJAX, Michels has created full of wisdom, and flowing water, "total defense" football style. In the 70 's, Cruyff became the best player in the world. He later "total defense" game brought to Barcelona, this style eventually evolved to help Spain win the European Cup-and-ball game of the World Cup.


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