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Western media: Real Madrid an handsome
« on: February 10, 2015, 07:29:48 PM »

Western media: Real Madrid an handsome, tall called for the dismissal of Real Madrid's dressing room has been split.Real Madrid are now in disarray.   nike flyknit lunar 2     Team suffered a humiliating defeat at the Vicente Calderon Stadium and latterly Cristiano Ronaldo out of the birthday party, and gives real Madrid a very bad influence, a lot of people point the finger at the team's Manager Carlo Ancelotti. Spain economic television station reported that some senior Real Madrid demanding fuluolundinuo immediate dismissal of Carlo Ancelotti. These executives believe that Ancelotti was responsible for the team's poor performance, in particular, was responsible for the team's bad image. They accused Carlo Ancelotti does not know how to rotate players, led the team into 2015 showed signs of collapse. Italy people overuse of some players, led to large areas of muscle injury team.

Spain's daily sport newspaper said if real cannot be encouraging in the short term, then Zidane will replace Ancelotti as Real Madrid coach. Fuluolundinuo is seriously considering firing coach Carlo Ancelotti, Zinedine Zidane to the coach of a team. The newspaper believes that Carlo Ancelotti adidas running shoes     who led Real Madrid to get the desired tenth Champions League coach, now at Real Madrid have lost their credit. Fuluolundinuo not happy with the team's poor performance, is seriously considering coaching change is possible.Mourinho gave the Real Madrid dressing room becomes fragmented, contradictory, Ancelotti "Fireman" to come to Real Madrid, at one point will bring calm back to the Bernabeu dressing room, but in the eyes of the daily sports newspaper, Ancelotti has lost control of the locker room, team apart. Not long ago, especially after winning the Club World Cup, Real Madrid looked invincible invincible, but now the team is unable to reverse the downward trend. Leading Barcelona's advantage has been reduced to a minimum, only 1 minute left, the team was eliminated in the COPA

6 times this season against Atletico Madrid to no remnants, recently suffered humiliating each other a large margin. Now Real Madrid's dressing room was divided into several factions, team Spain players don't like Ronaldo, Marcelo, Bell and j Lo see your coach for the privilege, Ancelotti did not know how to solve the problem of executing our feet, also cannot let BBC combination to play the greatest utility. Since joining Real Madrid after 2001, Zidane became the fuluolundinuo truly trusting person. Since my retirement, Zinedine Zidane at Real Madrid Academy coaches received training, and now Real Madrid is expected to lead two teams to complete the upgrade. Including Real Madrid legend Michelle is that, if you fuluolundinuo let Zidane take over from Ancelotti, that no one should be surprised. The image of Real Madrid in the next few games, particularly the one-eighth Champions League final match against Schalke, will decide the future of Carlo Ancelotti.


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