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West anchor said Macy's has agreed to join Chelsea
« on: January 08, 2015, 12:27:47 AM »

West anchor said Macy's has agreed to join Chelsea, Abramovich is willing to pay 250 million, Macy's or Chelsea's topic is growing, even betting firm-Macy's "next Club" odds of this Chelsea is the most likely. Yesterday, the Catalan radio RAC1 radio DJ Jordi in Barcelona-Buster program,  victoria secret bikinis nz  you even said Macy's has agreed to join Chelsea. Baxter said that Chelsea have contacted Macy's actions, they tried to sign Lionel Messi, Messi expressed excitement. Baxter said: "compared to now playing in Barcelona, the future can travel to Chelsea was excited by Messi. CESC Fabregas played a role, the relationship between two people very well. The question now is, how Chelsea could buy Lionel Messi? As far as I know, and if necessary, Chelsea to pay liquidated damages of 250 million euros, or wait for next season, and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich will support the deal. "Buster's words followed by widely spread on Twitter, Spanish-language edition of the goal NET, several all-market transfer networks Spain media to reprint, or even Catalan world later, Buster was quoted as saying by sports newspaper carried a report on the matter

but then quickly deleted the article. Now, Buster is still at the speculation stage, but there is no doubt that Messi was or had become Barcelona's problem, as the protagonist of Lionel Messi and Enrique, Barcelona Club the following attitudes will be very important. Ba Sazhen booth event tell you why Macy's to tear x-Enrique.Booth events in Barcelona, they have a large enough to hurt the Club's future problems, the problem seems to come from within, from number 10th masters, his name is Leo Messi. Taming Messi has never been an easy thing: when he had the ball when opponents do nothing to him; when he did and petulance, his teammates and coaches and no way to make him.

At Staples Center against Real Sociedad after the game on the bench in the first half, Messi did not appear at the training ground on Monday. Barcelona's Presbyterian, is actually several Captain-Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Sergio Busquets to coach Luis Enrique explain why Messi is absent, but since the ROM since childhood, gastroenteritis in Barcelona counts as an excuse for this situation. Barca deny Enrique asked about Lionel Messi missed training, official explanation is that the team doctor confirmed Macy's physical discomfort. Controversy over Macy's has a great effect, resulting in several of Barca Captain Xavi, Andres Iniesta and Sergio Busquets and close relationship with Lionel Messi's team-mate Javier Mascherano and the coaching staff are involved in this matter Costa. Just yesterday, Barca President himself personally, and in the wake of Messi's individual training, baertemeiwu spoke to him myself.


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