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Warrior well-known psycho moment match
« on: January 09, 2015, 11:56:30 PM »

Warrior well-known psycho moment match went to nightclubs have been robbed at gunpoint. According to the United States CBS sports coverage, earlier this week,  zara skinny jeans uk    the Golden State Warriors ' reserve forward Mahlis-sibeici Motel accident scene, he was outside a San Francisco nightclub confrontation armed robberies. Sibeici escape in time and were not subjected to any physical harm. According to San Francisco police reported later on Monday morning local time, Mahlis-sibeici at a local nightclub parking lot across from encountering "gang members". That morning, sibeici right in the Club. It is reported that the gang members tried to Rob sibeici the gold chain around his neck, including a "felon" and even took out a gun and threatened. Saw that the situation was bad, Mahlis-sibeici ran and managed to escape danger, the body was not hurt. Eventually, police arrested the gunman, who named Michael Lamont Jackson, a 28 years old this year. It is worth mentioning that that night the Braves have just one game against the Thunder. May be what's going on in the morning, still makes him in shock, sibeici status in the game entirely, he played 17 minutes and scored 6 points in a 8-1, but 117-91 to win. So far this season, Mahlis-sibeici's performance is very good, he averaged 18.1 minutes produced 12.6 points and 5.2 rebounds in answer, shooting 53.3%.

Murray moves reinforced first rushing Crown under key DeLong or La? According to a report in the open-air sports stadium, the Houston Rockets have always wanted to be able to upgrade to first place. Fighting over Jean-Rondo [Twitter] in the process of losing after a calf, the rocket has been transferred to the target of another former all-star point guard squad charged Wei Gelan Wei Delong-Williams, zara boyfriend jeans uk     as well as the Sun-Goran dragic [Twitter] body. In fact, the rocket encountered in Dallas in the battle for Rondo's biggest competitor, they quit the talks until the last minute. Although it's not clear the rockets first place reinforcement just how seriously the idea, but their General Manager Daryl Morey is willing to try any potential deal possible. According to the open-air sport journalist Rick-cloths cutting stands revealed, though rockets are starting weibeifuli performed well, but Murray wanted to catch bigger fish. "There is no doubt that Darryl Morey is driving the phone ringing, and he is expected to go after a guard Defender. Although they (the rockets) like Beverly Hills, but in the best of circumstances, he is just plan in the first place of the rocket's third choice.

"Cloth cutting said. "If you want to cite an example to illustrate the rocket (reinforcement on the first place) exhibited by aggressive, Union sources do not exclude Deron Williams of the nets, even though his contract is very large and is currently suffering from a rib injury. "He said," but the more likely scenario is they get themselves familiar with the Golan-Goran dragic. On one hand, the Suns ' backcourt is really busy on the other, the rockets might be justified by New Orleans (Pelican) that future first-round draft picks to get him. ”From the actual feasibility of the rockets have Deron difficulty is far larger. Because, other than his injury, the rockets wanted him there are other major obstacles. Because of Williams's contract is too big, so Houston to come up with an ideal trading scheme to match salaries. In addition, the rockets are only $ 1 million less from the luxury tax line, if reintroduction DeLong means they will pay a very high price. In contrast, trade for salary this season of $ 7.5 million of Goran dragic to be easier, although it would need a rocket to do more attractive chips. Currently in the League was interested in de la team and many, this summer, he will become an unrestricted free agent. After taking into account the field is so crowded that the Suns might consider trading de la.


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