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Warcraft offensive role reduced?
« on: January 05, 2015, 11:50:35 PM »

Warcraft offensive role reduced? Gasol: it seems than the Los Angeles Lakers. According to a report in the Houston Chronicle, the rocket will be put away the bulls, with Pau Gasol  zara skinny jeans uk 
     came to the Bulls will face once the Lakers [Twitter] played by Dwight Howard, in an interview, Gasol said he felt Warcraft in current standing in the rockets ' offense seems to be not as good as the Lakers that year. Gasol had with Warcraft in Los Angeles when a season's teammate, Howard's performance this season, Gasol thinks that the current attack inside, he does not seem as strong as aggressive when he led the Lakers, his role in the rockets offense seems to have decreased, however, this is not because Howard's diminished power, but rockets location has a nice fire. "I didn't have concerns about him, but his role in the offense, and appear to have decreased,"

Gasol said, "that is mainly because there are too many weapons in the rockets. I saw some video of him before, and he's aggressive in the area did not seem as strong as it used to, or that he touched the ball in the penalty area more opportunities than ever before. However, he is still that can zara boyfriend jeans uk   affect the game inside, he can also play very good data. "Just as Gasol said, Howard in the lane and lethality has not decreased. So far this season, Howard averaged 18 points and 11.3 rebounds while shooting at 60.7%, while in his comeback after knee injury these days, his average hit rate was 64 per cent.1%. This career field are the same, however, this year's Warcraft career hits second-highest. "You have to keep yourself always at his talent for front capable of limiting him," Gasol said

"you must always ensure that confront him, keep him under your defensive shots to keep him away from the area, I think these are all defensive when Howard's main points. "Gasol this season and averaged 18 points and 11.2 rebounds, single season for the first time since it was his 2009-10 season averaged out 18+11 data, for Pau Gasol's revival this season, Howard said he was appreciated. "He played very good and I like him very much after the offense Gets the ball end of the capability," Howard said, "and at the defensive end, he was able to send out the cover, can make it difficult to enter the bull Lane scored. He is one of those players who can contribute 20+10 data every night, because almost all his skills, he scored on almost every position. He was playing was a joy, and confront him is a kind of enjoyment. ”


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