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Wang announced his retirement a lump:
« on: December 23, 2014, 01:14:50 AM »

Wang announced his retirement a lump: 16 sorry grateful to coach his team-mates,"By handsome boy's hundred days of wine, even if today officially retired! "Was originally stood up, thought he was going to say is for the occasion of toasts, did not expect to hear is very Wang announced  nike air max 90 dam     his retirement speech. According to information of the table tennis world, the evening of December 20, teammate Hao shuai Hao Yun into the hundred-day feast held on for his son, Wang Hao picked up the glass message announced he would quit the national team. Wang Hao, 31 years old in 1998 into the national team in 2000, a team of 16 career altogether won 18 world titles, in the history of ping-pong and Marlene  nike air max 90 rea      tied for first place, won the singles Silver medal in three Olympics and three times so distraught. "The team for 14 years in the national team, second team for two years, and still is considered the feelings of, first of all, I want to thank the team, thank you guide, Xiao Liu guidance ...

 ... Many coaches are a big help to me, with me growing up until now ... ... Included would also like to thank these players ... ... Actually kind of ... ... "boisterous dinner scene suddenly quieted down, leaving only children children's language as a background sound. This evening, Mr Xiaozhan, and nike air max 2013 herr     Liu guozheng, and Chen Qi, including Wang's children came. Wang Hao picked up white towels, but embarrassed to tears, and rubbed his mouth down. Do not know his heart think of 18 career world championship rings, or regret but the lack of an Olympic singles gold medals? "Always felt a bit reluctant to. "For a while, Wang sobbed say so to us.Mentor Liu guoliang, feeling also high up, "Yes! A drink a drink, after another official (decommissioning ceremony). "As early as last Wednesday, the team had a" fifth men's World Cup team lineup "after the trials he had foreshadowed in summary:" (fifth place) with Wang's older, will quit the national team and places like this we want to know more for young players, as well as contribute to the team's players. "Just didn't expect, say goodbye to this moment came quickly, so don't give up! Ext the brave comeback print master is expected to debut tomorrow,Golden State Warriors: Warriors team reporter Shawn Cunningham reported that because of a hamstring injury this season, nike air max skyline dam   David Lee played only 1 game will return in today's Braves game against the Kings. It is reported that Lee in the past two days, all took part in the team's training, I feel pretty good, he will return today. Lee previously played only once this season is November 6, when he played just 7 minutes, scored 6 points. Indiana Pacers: Pacers officially announced that due to a knee injury this season, has been out of George Hill, is expected to debut in the match tomorrow

 walkers and pelicans. Hill knee is in very good condition, on the injury list by State sidelined indefinitely played into doubts, not surprisingly, he will most likely debut tomorrow. Atlanta: the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported, pulled a hamstring in his left leg's Jeff Teague can't happen today the Eagles played in the game against Dallas, Teague strained a hamstring in last week's contest, the current recovery is not very satisfactory, did not achieve the status of close. He still has no specific return date. San Antonio: Spurs officials announced today nike air max tn sverige   that Tony Parker will most likely will not play the Spurs and Clippers game and this park due to a hamstring injury, will be sidelined for the 5th consecutive game, the last 9 games he has only played in 1 game. In addition, the right hand ligament Cowie-Leonard Green won't play in today's game. New York Knicks: NBA President of basketball operations Rod Thorn announced that Knicks Center Samuel-dalembert for elbowing Yunus was Union-walanqiunasi face a fine of $ 15000Dollars. The elbow took place yesterday in the Knicks-raptors game, dalembert as the elbows got a second-level flagrant foul and was ejected directly.


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