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United's own half fighting skill! Chelsea won?
« on: December 29, 2014, 01:49:55 AM »

United's own half fighting skill! Chelsea won? Such a chance. 9 games in a row unbeaten record might look good, but van Gaal in the worried look was on the coaching staff shows that the Netherlands were dissatisfied with results. Indeed, compared to the more stable of Chelsea and Manchester City, United's season seems to be some gaps, want a challenge or a long way away. In the eyes of Manchester United fans, carrying remnants of victory over Newcastle, Louis van Gaal's side this time as a guest is undoubtedly ran three minutes to White Hart Lane. But hard facts show that United Road record this season really don't have the potential in the energy. nike zoom structure 16 review        Coupled with this game, the League at Old Trafford this season road record of only 9-2 WINS, 5 draws and 2 defeats, one on the road record, United's only ranked 9th in the Premier League with 11 points. Meanwhile, Manchester United at home to record up to 8 WINS,  nike lunarglide 5 ireland    1 draw 1 defeat, came home second place in the Premier League, home record is only 2 points less than Chelsea. But Chelsea road record is 9-5-4-1, scored 19 points and are 10 Manchester City 7-2-1, scored 23 points, Manchester United away performance gap significantly. In the case of several big game performance and stability

 United's poor record will undoubtedly suffer.It can be said that was cheating by road record made of Manchester United and the top two distantly passive situation. Home Dragon away insects, such "lame" wanted title is obviously very difficult. And removed away record of drag outside, United and this season of Premier two big hot Manchester City and Chelsea compared to, another "lame" of situation Shi team serious nike free 3.0 v3 for sale    even can said is bad of injuries situation, this let van Gaal this season throughout are failed to discharge set stable of, fighting powerful of lineup, and only kept of with hands can with of brand to cover players hurt stopped of big cut. High density on the Christmas Express schedule, Louis van Gaal this service out of the starting lineup even without a player rotation, this is Louis van Gaal's first two games in a row using the same lineup. Not Netherlands Marshal didn't want to rotate from the beginning, van Gaal used for squad rotation attempt, but this game is really nobody can change. Van Gaal says with exasperation in an interview before the game: "the situation is very difficult, I sincerely hope that the players have time to rest, but not many players to meet the playing requirements, so I had to follow up a squad. ”Look at Manchester United players on the bench: Lindegaard, Raphael, Smalling, Lu Kexiao, nike free 4.0 v3 mens    Darren Fletcher, Pereira, and Wilson. The reds strengthened offensive but Smalling on the occasion, Lu Kexiao, Raphael three defenders, is the starting point guard on the physical problems, and secondly it is because Louis van Gaal much usable attacking substitutes on hand, Wilson was the only one who can often get a chance. But lying on the injury list di Maria, marouane Fellaini, Herrera, Blinder et cattle people. Speaking from the lineup on the thickness, at Old Trafford this season is almost in-line operations, staffing should be plump enough, bizarre injuries, however, van Gaal could only deploy a residual matrix. If a single paper strength Manchester United's squad strength or a relatively high with Chelsea, but only 50% skill, the Red Devils but is no match for the Blues, due to injury, van Gaal also failed to put on the strongest team throughout this season. No wonder Ferguson laments: "wound up like this to make it to this level, it is already very difficult.

”In contrast, while Aguero, Manchester City Kompany two core out, but most of the players stay healthy, thick portfolio to ensure that Blue Moon army can always maintain sufficient reserves of rotation. womens nike free trainer 7.0     Chelsea is in the case of rotation hardly immune to injury, Mourinho's men seemed to everyone to "iron man" pays homage to the potential. Only Manchester United in the Barclays Premier League top three hurt on, for no one can change. So whether it is a tactical issue, or training intensity question, Manchester United must find ways to reduce injuries. Standings of the gaps are not unbridgeable gap, Manchester United wants to still have the opportunity to win, but must be in 2015, to improve their health. Worst road record, hurting lots of wounded, Manchester United were the two major factors that impede further narrowing the gap with Manchester City and Chelsea. The reason, internal factors are fundamental, if not improve these two major problems, Manchester United are like ourselves and half of the Kung Fu Master of martial arts, want to and skill in himself above Chelsea and Manchester City fought, are undoubtedly very difficult.


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