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United's most powerful deity was cruelty
« on: February 09, 2015, 12:47:20 AM »

United's most powerful deity was cruelty to cry so kick = to send him to Real Madrid. Manchester United team are worth up to 3.800 million, but the gorgeous lineup still can't cover up the defensive end David shine, and West Ham battle, Spain goalkeeper has become the Chief hero of United's tough score 1. A full match, David completed a total of 5 saves, 4 of which are world-class God bashing. The 14th minute,  air max 90 hyperfuse       Rojo's headed clearance almost to send e-Valencia, the assists, the latter in the edge of the area contained a ball with unmarked strong shot, David is about to drill a ball into the top right corner of the moment it away from the bottom line. After the David Rose, a sad look in front of the eyes of the defenders didn't do much. But the West Ham player corner dribbled a continuous alley-oops in the Reds ' area, and is ultimately tuomujinsi in the small lines on the volley prone, David de GEA, with an almost human limits the reaction speed of the ball over the bar. This time, David finally broke out and he defensive players yelled three times to remind his teammates keep the defensive intensity. Soon, however, de GEA had to once again play the role of Savior, the first 32 minutes, Tomkins completed within six at Manchester United once again bombing, this time deheyashi display their iconic "seven and y" feat, unconsciously, on the occasion of fighting less leg the other header block. Move fight again

 David remains United's most consistent players, especially the end of the game God tier II-bashing a blinder Saviour in injury time to keep the break-even chips. The 87thMinutes, United Hou defense again appeared vulnerability, Novo step, in big area edge completely was vent, West Ham Alliance midfielder aiming zhihou calmly Shi shot, de GEA struggled to saves will ball block out, however second placement immediately and was West Ham Alliance players Rob to, United shaped with exist in of arc top defense system, any by Nolan welcome with to ball directly volley volley, de GEA just air max classic bw    up immediately again side saves insurance, thus for game retain has last trace suspense. It can be said that although the equaliser goal scored by Blinder's, but the team got a almost David de GEA is spelled out on its own to. Issues to embarrass the United fans are however, more good David is proof of Manchester United's defence is bad, Spain who were more likely to leave. So far Manchester United fails to finalise David de GEA's new contract, he is now only 17 months of his contract with Manchester United. While the daily mirror revealed that Manchester United to retain David de GEA to offer sky-high wages of 200,000 pounds, this will enable GEA to become football's highest-paid goalkeeper in the world, but de GEA be left alone? If Manchester United was slow to achieve a championship level, apart from Real Madrid come poaching, David himself probably will have to leave the idea of United retain the mighty gods?Not long ago, the daily mail disclosed

 when it comes to contract extension with the Club, David de GEA made clear they want to look at the prospects for the future of the Club and make other plans. It is clear that Manchester United are unable to meet today's poor performance Spain coming first, the country's thirst for teamwork, which makes David and Real Madrid's gossip was rife. David's agent also said: "David was a Manchester United player now, but maybe it only takes 5 minutes is enough to change a lot of things. "Mendes, also in contract talks with Manchester United when ask for include breach of contract payment provisions in the new contract, the move is no doubt hope that David can take control of their own future, and in order to prevent David contract expires 2016 free to join Real Madrid, United may have to accept this city of about. Worth a mention of is, Real Madrid just in Madrid Derby war in the was with city rivals 4-0 bloodbath, opened "sheets army" massacre prelude of precisely is Casillas of once bashing ball errors, for Florentino Perez,, once of St Kathy now has increasingly by became this frame cost high of Galaxy battleship Shang most outdated of a old parts, and as Spain currently most Red of goalkeeper, de GEA undoubtedly is Casillas best of alternative who. Together with David's girlfriend, aiduerni is one surrounded by Real Madrid, David's agent, Mendes is Real Madrid ACE suppliers, cross route that all roads lead to Real Madrid, Manchester United can really stop you?


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