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Under Armour signings and new development
« on: January 15, 2015, 12:23:09 AM »

Under Armour signings and new development,Recently, zara knitwear uk     Cleveland at Golden State Warriors, the team who got his fourth defeat. Scored 23 points and 10 assists for the warriors charged with weisidifen·Kuli, then let him brand sponsor under armour behind triumphant victory over America--the future of Nike Basketball products market share of 95%, did not seem to be out of the question. Appearance of sidifen·Kuli, is under armour 2008 years in signing 13 players on the NBA market, and that one of the most successful: in 2009 to 7th overall, after entering the League, coopted in controlling the way growing steadily, is currently a top scorer of the League. In the upcoming 2014-15 season on the NBA All-Star game, he has ranked Western first names, popularity just behind LeBron James. Appeared with him at the NBA All-Star game, as well as under armour he designed a customized sneakers Curry one.

 On January 8, the Under Armour for the product, which held a Grand launch event will be in the Bay area in a high school gym into a "Curry one Design Studio", zara shoes uk    and prepared at the all-star break before and after the release of the TV ads. Sidifen·Kuli outstanding performance, or even accidentally attracting a creative company with Nike for many years w+k. In w+k recent made-for-America's famous sports channel ESPN ad, Currie and his new shoes are quite eye-catching. However, under armour and w+k have said, this is just a coincidence.Four years ago, only a basketball shoe under armour products, even now, the company's revenues in the basketball product is around 1% per cent of its annual income of 3 billion. Nike monopoly advantages and other brands in the basketball battle for market share is still very intense.

Although influential as "Super Bowl", and the impact of NBA attendance declined in recent years, but NB, an annual all-star game, brand advertising is the battleground. According to the statistics of the University of New Orleans, 2014 all-star game brings $ 10.61 million economic boost to local effects. While the 2015 all-star game would be held at the Barclay Center, and Madison Square Garden while, ticket prices and attendance are expected to record highs in recent years. All-star business this year, there are actually United States bloomingdale's, one of four major department stores. It was reported that bloomingdale's prepared 16 guerrilla stores built on game day, and introduced a number of all-star game-related products.


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