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Tsai designed Limited Edition shoes listed
« on: January 12, 2015, 11:22:30 PM »
Tsai designed Limited Edition shoes listed price around 2000. Highline United China  victoria secret nz  under the world's renowned shoe group JC Collezione (referred to as JCC) this season, launched a new "CAI" series, designed by Mr Tsai,In limited release worldwide, bombshell set off a fresh entertainment and fashion events. On March 2, 2011, the Shanghai world financial center, 4/f, a Conference Center, "designed by Tsai to call happy girls seven pairs of shoes"-"CAI" series spring/summer shoes listed press conference, all-round display in the JCC brand store specified in the national set up independent showcase sales, brand new "CAI" series of seven limited-edition fashion footwear in the world. From Taiwan, who has the reputation of the famous artist Mr Tsai, the first cross-border serves as women's designer, to create compatible culture and fashion heritage, "CAI" series of women's shoes. Seven women's shoes with a touching love letter, seven-segment written by Tsai himself love motto, pricing of around 2000 Yuan, one of the most expensive to 2288. Day of, Tsai to designer status in person at the scene

 as we all know, imaginative writing, through a series of favorite women's shoe design, interpretation belongs to "CAI style" and the romantic women's shoes new concepts. Meanwhile, from hundreds of media outlets of fashion is all over the country, and women's shoes to meet this new series comes out. Tsai designed Limited Edition shoes listed price around 2000, "CAI" series shoes limited skin texture, pilot new shoes trends 2001, JCC was born in Italy Milan vlttore Olona,2005 year officially landed in China, specializes in high-end dress shoe market is Highline United ChinaOne important barometer of its leading the trend of elegant women's shoes. This time, through popular Taiwan Ghost Kevin Tsai as a shoe designer, rolls out new "CAI" series. Series, using precious skin and special fabrics such as leather, each shoe is designed with a variety of colors, to wear on different occasions offers a variety with choices. According to the organizers, fish material itself smaller and, therefore, double fine "fish leather" becomes all this takes several skin combination. Skin itself is thin, easily breakable, is a special kind of shoe materials, production process is quite complex, and each pair of "fish leather" has been extra careful processing. In addition, the special requirement of the skin material:

cloth to gently wipe dry, do not rub or wipe shoes breast, determines the "fish leather" exalted in similar shoes, is a symbol of luxury precious fashion shoes. The other hand, like the baby skin calfskin, this "CAI" series is widely used in the production of women's shoes. It is understood that the "CAI" calf leather shoes, leather materials used without the influence of their surroundings, leather and delicate, smooth, breathable, strong suction force of calf leather. To ensure penetration of the cortical and shapely, footwear does not increase too much coating on the surface, bring stiff visual effect, applies to suits to match. In addition to work extra hard at the material selection, "CAI" series design is unexpected, hidden on every shoe representative symbols of love, at the same time to send women to dote upon his reasons, has created a new wave of women's creative.


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