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Trading? Thunder Defender Tweet said shortly
« on: February 06, 2015, 12:57:59 AM »

Trading? Thunder Defender Tweet said shortly after the Lakers  air max 95     out.According to the report in the lakeshowlife, the Lakers always wanted to trade for reinforcement, this is not news, a recent Oklahoma City point guard Ishmael Smith Tweet is the imagination. Tweet Smith says he is about to join the Lakers, however, soon after he deleted the content. "Thank you, teammates, coaches, fans, as well as every single person in Oklahoma City! But I am very excited about joining the Lakers nation!

 Come on! "Smith wrote this on Twitter. But soon after, he deleted this content. Even so, his Tweet was by the media attention and was able to save the contents. Judging from the present situation,air max 90 essential     Smith will probably be a trading chip, without a doubt, the Lakers are one of the major players in the deal. In this regard, the view of the lakeshowlife, and Oklahoma City is main bargaining chip is most likely to give Reggie Jackson, the Lakers sent Jordan Hill, in addition, they may also eat Kendrick Perkins's contract. Although there was no trade Rumors spread, but both teams is not hard to see some signs.

 Lakers aspects Hill and Lin has been in trading rumors of Whirlpool among, although Hill suffered has injuries, but he still is Lakers team within rare of has trading value of players; and Thunder aspects, in introduction Dieng-Vettese zhihou, Reggie of future on became more elusive, currently of status see he is has may will select in summer left, so if has opportunities will he trading for to can added inside of players, Thunder is may will select will he sent go.In addition, Smith will be another reason to delete this Tweet may not be easy to give a message, according to the regulations, within 3 months after the team signed free agent cannot be traded, and Smith needs to local time can be traded after February 6. However, these are just guesses, Oklahoma City will deal with the Lakers, might some day will have the answer.


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