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Toronto-Raptors lost four team ahead
« on: January 09, 2015, 11:54:56 PM »

Toronto-Raptors lost four team ahead for Lori all-star votes. January 8, Toronto time, Toronto Raptors at home to meet the challenge of the Charlotte ankle boots uk      This is the first home game of the new year. Raptors at the end of December last year began a 6-game road trip in a row, including 5 games in the West opponent are the clippers, Nuggets, blazers, warriors and Suns, and Denver is not easy to get two WINS in Los Angeles. The Raptors finally saw a 3-game losing streak end the road trip back to Toronto. Thought the first home game of the new year the Raptors regrouped, today has lost the good of wasps. Raptors 95-103 loss to the Hornets, swallows 4 game losing streak, while the Hornets 4-game winning streak. Lowry finished with 24 points and 7 assists and 7 rebounds, and Louis Williams scored 15 points and 5 assists.

 WaSP BA-Ken Walker scored 29 points and 8 assists, 7 rebounds, and Gerald Henderson scored game-high 31 points and 5 rebounds. Raptors teammates this game did not show a consistently defensive intensity, wasps full Court shot 47.7%, the Raptors only 39.8%. Status of players like a defeat Suns game on downturn, match the Raptors appeared a total of 14 turnovers while the Hornets only 8 times. zara high heels uk      Raptors head coach of the German team-Kathy recent situation is obviously not satisfied with this game in addition to Lowrie, the remaining 4 players less than 22 minutes playing time. Several impressive starters: Yunus-Varan and Nash had 10 points and 6 rebounds, and Amir Johnson [Twitter] 5 points and 5 rebounds, and Terence Ross scored 7 points and 4 rebounds while Landry-fildes [Twitter] without a point. Lost about a race, he said: "whatever the reason, we are in the first and third sections failed to show enough momentum. We need to find out where the problem lies, even though it is in the squad to make adjustments. "While Patrick Patterson said after the game:" (for the latest status) each for our most recent performance was very upset.

We wasn't trying to win the game, and much more out of the game, just as you see it, regardless of their difference is we were fighting hard until the end, but things are not as we would like. "" We're like falling into a black hole, we are trying to climb out from the inside. "Lowry said after the game:" this team being engulfed, we played a very bad game. We need to find the problem as soon as possible, then have another game on Saturday, we'll be fine. "Luoruigang was elected by 12Player of the month East, since deluozan after an injury to luoruicheng to the team leader. Repeated appeals to fans during the match and the team voted in Lori, hope put Lowry on the all-Star starters. Lori votes currently has risen to third place in the East, came in ahead of him are Wade [Twitter] wall [Twitter]. Striker deluozan scheduled to be back in the contest will be delayed until next week to come back, players said after practice Wednesday in Toronto, I hope to get more training time to tune up. Then the Raptors will welcome visiting Boston on Saturday, and next week will see the Detroit Pistons, Philadelphia and the present East leader Atlanta.


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