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Top most air master is he! Breaking telekinesis
« on: December 23, 2014, 01:24:27 AM »

Top most air master is he! Breaking telekinesis PK Ryan for 15 consecutive quarters,Away game against stoke, Chelsea Manager Jose Mourinho to be extra careful.  nike air max skyline dam     In the history of the Premier League, Stoke and Chelsea have played 12 times and only 1 defeat took place in early December last year. Moreover, the opponent's Manager Mark Hughes appears to be the most knowledgeable against Jose Mourinho's men. He scored 7 points in front of Jose Mourinho, is in Portugal who played has scored the most in coach. However, in less than 2 minutes after the opening, nike air max ltd sverige     the suspense will be cracked, but for the Blues open the door of victory, it was Captain John Terry. At that time, Ivanovic road after the break and hit a ball off the line after mark on piteersi. CESC Fabregas penalty corner on corner kicks in, Terry at the far post, then run forward

on the goal line, he beat his opponent's Cameron, the ball into the lower left corner of the goal. With these goals, Chelsea made a 1-0 lead. This goal was Terry's first League goal since December 1, 2013. However, this is not Terry's only goal this season. Earlier in the group stage of the Champions League, he has scored 2 goals. With these goals, Terry also has League goals in 15 consecutive air max online     This figure, and Terry who turned 34 years old birthday, became the Premier League relay Ryan (23 seasons), a living fossil. More importantly Terry scoring: header. Today's score is John Terry scored in the last 4 seasons in the English Premier League's 11th head. This figure not only transcends all Defender, also transcended all the billiga nike air max     forwards and midfielders. In other words, the last 4Years on all Premier League players, Terry's header scored the largest number. For Terry to head, like a stable, strong and lethal weapons. If the Adjara as Zhao Yun in a three, then Terry would like Mourinho of Guan Yu, and his head was like "Dragon-Moon spirits and ghosts are worried".

For their own goals or record, Terry is not very important. He said: "this is a very hard road, but the early goal gave us a steady platform, and from then on, we controlled the entire game. Manchester City have come up, they maintained a good momentum, so tonight was an important victory for us. "After the game, coach Jose Mourinho also praised Terry's, he said:" Terry set piece tactics is very threatening, he is very good at competing for balls in the air. When he is on the pitch, he's always a threat, but it seems to me, more important is the way he plays this season. Last season, when I came here, he ran into a little trouble, there have been ups and downs in his career, nike air max 2013 herr    appearances are not stable. Now, in the past 2 years, he took part in every game, in my opinion, he showed he had levels of 2004-2007 when I was here. I think he is well suited to our training methods, if a man can feel his body sharp and quick, he can feel the happiness. When you are happy and confident, when any work can be done more easily. He knows I trust him, and he felt confident and happy, so he did very well. ”Last season, Terry's contract was not renewed until the end of the season, and fixtures have not yet halfway through this season, Terry has said the club wants to renew their contracts. According to the daily mail newspaper, the Club intends to 1-year contract extension with Terry again. But Manager Jose Mourinho praised Terry said in an interview: "some players looked old to 22 years old, but the other players at the age of 36 or 37 years old still can make people feel young. Terry is obviously one of them. Current year Argentine at the age of 37 after a day of training, but also to run home. I don't know how long Terry can play, but the most important thing is that he is always able to play great tomorrow, in the next game. ”


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