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Tips to Play Fifa 16 Well with Cheap Fifa 16 Coins
« on: September 29, 2015, 12:03:16 AM »
It has been a week since Fifa 16 debuted on September 22. Have you joined in the new game with cheap fifa 16 coins on Safewow? But even if you have deep pockets, some simple tips may help you to make full preparation and beat your opponents.
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Know about controls and start from basic train
FIFA 16 controls are similar to that in FIFA 15. If you’re not already known well about them, print them out, and also download FIFA 16 Manual. Go through the manual get familiar with the movements, etc. After understanding it well, Safewow suggests that you start from the basic trainings and try to reach higher levels one by one. In training mode, you can also try the controls and skill moves.
Turn on FIFA trainer or play the Skill Games
If you have given fifa 16 a try, you must find it a brand new game that different from other fifa series. Less accurate fifa 16 passing, slower pace, and weak kicks, all these require you to learn certain things to play fifa 16 well. For new gamers, you can turn on FIFA Trainer mode, which can give you real time tips. Or if you are a veteran and think it takes up far too much real estate on the screen, you can instead stick to the Skill Games to improve upon the fundamentals.
Never miss FUT Draft in online matches
Both offline and online matches are useful assets. In offline matches, you can start off with Amateur or Semi-Pro difficulty level and then go for higher levels. Online matches could affect your timing for shooting, dribbling, passing. Online Seasons and Tournaments are important that help you improve gameplay step by step. But FUT Draft, the FIFA 16's standout new mode should not be missed even with a high entry fee of 15,000 FUT 16 Coins or 300 FUT Points. The prize is always good, coming in the form of packs, and an online FUT Draft bears greater rewards than offline.
Perform the standard shot and finesse shot
In fifa, you have many different ways to shoot. The standard shot is quite simply shot that is pretty handy last year, but in fifa 16, EA have under-powered it, leading it being simply not worth doing. So try and avoid performing the standard shot at all costs. Similarly, the finesse shot is not so effective compared with the unbelievably overpowered in recent years. To do it well, act when you have a one-on-one with the opposition goalkeeper. Hold down the RB/R1 button and then shoot with B or circle. These types of finishing should be from angles because it acts as a curling/swerved type shot.
Fifa 16 is a different from other fifa games and provides a new challenge. But if you have learnt about all its features and understand the situation, it won’t be very difficult to control the pitch. Good luck and buy cheap coins for fifa 16 with 8% discount code “FIFA16COIN” on Safewow to strengthen your advantages.
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