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Those belonging to Italian business card!
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Those belonging to Italian business card! Small teams hide how big God.Serie a, teams always stands in the center of stars, they enjoy the applause of thousands of fans and worshipped. But when people talk about the idea League, these famous name will appear frequently. But in the peninsula, and so some of the players, they may never have ranked among the League's top players. But master them,  nike free trainer 5.0 schuhe       also leave a lot of brilliant moments in this League, to create a number of classic moments. Among them, some retired and some heat to play in lower leagues, and some remained in Serie a campaign of war. They called on their respective teams at one time card, speaks to people of their own and the team's glory days. Dinatalaidinatalaidinatalai lift Udinese, most people think of here as a springboard,  nike free haven 3.0 herren     then joined the Giants players, but Medina Thala is an exception. 2004-05 start of the season, Di Natale is always attack on the backbone of the team. From di Michele and Vincenzo Iaquinta, Simone Pepe and Quagliarella

then Dennis and Sanchez, Antonio Di Natale and his partner for a dial and dial, Udinese can achieve excellent results. His status is also rising, after 30 years is to create a goal in Serie a for four consecutive years of more than 20 great things. Antonio Di Natale's skill and speed are quite good, nike free 3.0 v2 damen    to make appropriate treatment as soon as possible after the ball. As at the upper end of the Serie a, Udinese having scored 183Serie a goals for teams in the Serie a scoring charts, this achievement has been ranked fifth most all-time. In front of him only Totti, Nodal, Meazza and Alessandro del Piero, and the effect in the Northern three strong and Rome, it is enough to show that Di Natale Udinese's achievements. Overall top scorer in Serie a history, had just passed the 200 mark Antonio Di Natale history ranked seven, his objective is to exceed the great Robert Baggio. He left Serie a there are so many moments, many clubs have tasted him repeatedly breached the door of the taste. Peilixiyepeilixiyepeilixiye "flying donkeys" Chievo played in Serie a a special ball, their serie a debut season shocked everyone, and eventually finished fifth. When del Neri's side has a lot of impressive players, nike free 4.0 v3 herren schwarz   for example, legrottaglie, Bernardo Corradi and Simone Perrotta, of course, the Club wore it for years of Luciano and 10th keeper Cristian lupatelli. In that season's team, not Sergio Pellissier figure, but now he has become the team's calling card. On loan after the end of 2002, Sergio Pellissier went back to Chievo. As Chief Commander striker Bernardo Corradi left, Sergio Pellissier to get a lot of chances, and his presence up front and later move to Juventus striker amauri. 2005-06

 Sergio Pellissier ushered in the outbreak, he scored 13 goals in the League to help Chievo won the UEFA Cup qualification, and later as "telephone gate" lucky the outbreak ranks among the qualifying round of the Champions League, but was eliminated. Sergio Pellissier didn't leave after the Club's demotion, but with 37 games 22Ball's performance helped "flying donkeys" back into serie a. After the upgrade,nike free 5.0 v4 damen      Chievo never dropped back to the lower leagues. Sergio Pellissier's qualities are not so prominent, but he has a quality-the big killers. Juventus fans will remember 2008-09 3-3 one season in Serie a, it was Chievo Juventus at home to earn points for the first time. Biggest star of the game Sergio Pellissier, who hit a hat-trick: two long solo counterattack, a neat small angle header is the last ball in stoppage time equaliser, to hand the Bianconeri's third one point. In addition, the duo he played against Milan and Roma's game also had a strong showing, is simply a normal little news, but I do not know when it would suddenly appear in a string of headlines player. 2008-2011 these three seasons, League annually Sergio Pellissier scored in double figures, his steady contribution on offense are an important weapon in the team.


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