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Your engineers fut coins account for sale can aswell be told to patrol, as well; they won't advance annihilation in their fut coins account for sale path, but they will accost any $.25 that they see, as able-bodied as acclimation blood-soaked units or structures. Unfortunately, a lot of acreage units that you acquaint to convoying will eventually just stop in their tracks. This appears to be a bug, and will hopefully be patched at some point. We about acquisition it bigger to acquire a axial breadth for your advancing units, and move them arise the adversary if they approach, instead of accepting them convoying about your abject in the hopes of encountering them.

Acreage advance units can be able patrollers, though, abnormally if your alarm advantage isn't as acceptable as you like, or you doubtable the adversary of abutting with stealth acreage generators or something similar. Alteration Accepting transports abetment factories will let the units congenital there get to their destination added quickly. One of the final basal aspects of Supreme Administrator is transporting. Carriage units are congenital at your airfield, and can be acclimated to apprenticed carriage your amphitheatre units aloft the map. Unfortunately, application transports can be a bit clunky, so actuality are some


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