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Test yourself: shoes reflect the owner's personality.
« on: February 06, 2015, 12:45:53 AM »
Test yourself: shoes reflect the owner's personality. Look at yourself or close female friend, in her shoe racks what shoes you most?Do not take into account seasonal issues, as long as what is considered favouritenike huarache      shoes high heels Sandals shoes c d b sport and leisure a simple shoe booties or boots e f thick-soled shoes or shaping a likes to wear special shoes high heels mature and generous, I like thinking, intelligent. In your life and are very conscientious and hard working, expect more to the people around, but because they want something too much, sometimes bad-tempered for failing to fulfill. In General, such a woman as well be frank if she thinks you are a value object, usually she will not intentionally put on airs hot for you.

 B likes sports and casual footwear on the surface of generalizing, easy to get along with, but she really would protect her, vigilance is very strong. Looks to be easy and the boys, she regarded the men as gay friend, who turns out to like, keep a distance away. Friends are generally hard to see her mind, under the strong defense, in fact, she has a very sensitive feelings.  converse all star     C likes to wear Sandals to have confidence in themselves, like their best of show. Generally speaking, she's popular, friends also are very interested in the opposite sex. However sometimes boyfriend requested more, asking for opinions and own, and rather stubborn personality, is not easy to convince. May need to be patient and for her own good. D like to wear simple shoesSimple sensitive personality, home education is rigorous, easy to suppress their emotions. Parents generally may compare strict or ethos of the more conservative schools, the workplace, and therefore usually quite reserved, but this woman will want to try some adventurous experience, to be careful when traveling is easily deceived.

 E likes to wear booties or boots of freedom-loving, independent and does not like free, have the courage to express themselves. In general women are not physically attractive, is smart capable, easily become an object of admiration of the opposite sex. Although it seems not difficult to close, but want to be her friend, you must have some kind of talent, and how she just goes. F likes to wear thick-soled shoes or attention on fashion specially shoes and Chase popularity, like becoming a focus of attention and looks bold style, but in fact quite conservative. She may itself did not have enough confidence in yourself, so we would want to be a part of the popular, people are aware of her presence. Want to get close to her, have to stand on her good side, encouraged, will make her more confident.


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