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Issues Receiving Payments
« on: February 25, 2014, 12:50:03 PM »
Hey everybody.  I recently went out and got some equipment and began mining Dogecoins.  I started mining at and have most recently been mining at  Something weird seems to be happening right now and I can't quite figure out what's going on.

I received a payment from sometime overnight as my rig was mining.  The payment is showing on their dashboard as being confirmed, but it's never shown up today at all in my wallet.  I've only received one previous payout and it was pretty timely, like maybe 10 minutes after it happened I received it in my wallet.  Is this something to be concerned about?  I emailed the pool operator but haven't heard back.

Then I proceeded to mine at for about 6 more hours, but yet I have no transactions since the credit that they issued me that I still haven't received.  Could both of these issues be related?

Since it seems I'm not getting any credit at, I went back to about two hours ago.  In their transactions section, it does show that I've received a minimal amount of coins, but not what I expected to receive.  It says I've earned 108 coins, but based on my hashrate (768 Kh/s with 666.5 WU), I would expect to have earned closer to 300 coins for 2 hours of work.

I'm still very new to this, so maybe I'm misunderstanding how volatile mining is, but since I started 2 weeks ago, I've seen DDoS attacks take down multiple pools that I've been using, delayed payments, huge orphaned blocks that I didn't get any credit for, credits not showing up....  I mean, I'm not trying to make it rich doing this, it's more of just to learn about how this all works, but I just want to make sure I'm getting credit for the work that I do.  Do miners run into these things all the time?  Is this just the way the cryptocurrency world works?

Much appreciation to anyone that can help shed some light on everything for this noob.
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