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Hey guys, I've released a new website for Australians (and others ;) ) called:

After a couple of weeks of doing online calculations by converting Doge to USD and then to AUD via separate websites, I discovered a couple of places such as which could simplify the Doge -> AUD process.
What bothered me though was the number of links I had to click through to select AUD, select Doge, then click convert. While this may seem like I'm whinging, I check every couple of hours and the process really irritated me. Why can't Australians convert their currency straight from a page load!

I know there are a billion other websites out there that can do the same thing in a round about way, but I thought that a dedicated site with a patriotic name and an insanely simple interface would be the ticket.
After a couple of hours, I banged up a website, registered a domain and am hoping that I can help a couple of like-minded Australians go about their conversions with ease.

Site specifics
The conversion rate data is collected from several exchange api's as follows:
Doge to Bitcoin is pulled from CoinsE and Cryptsy via last traded price
Bitcoin to AUD is pulled from
These websites are polled every minute, with live updates every 30 seconds. I intend to add more exchanges in the future to hopefully give a better averaged price for Doge -> AUD.

Where do you come in?
I need your help, testing, straining and breaking the website.
Along with that, I'd love suggestions on site design, features, improvements etc.

New converter for Doge->AUD. Need your help testing!

(Originally posted on reddit/dogecoin)
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