Author Topic: Want to pay for my school trip in Europe with Dogecoins  (Read 599 times)

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Want to pay for my school trip in Europe with Dogecoins
« on: February 05, 2014, 03:13:58 PM »
Okay guys, hi, I am feferest (as you see), I am new at and stuff, I came here because this is a large Doge community.

Here is the thing, in August I am going to my school trip (I am already 80% going but read on) in Europe, we are going to Wien,Prague and Bratislawa, (I can meet someone from from this board if anyone lives there and wants to meet me) my parents already agreed on paying this trip but I don't want them to pay everything (inb4 you can work, no, you can't, at least in my town, which is very small, there is some business through summer though, not at winter).  :blank:

So, the thing is I wanted to pay the whole trip with Doges (I am not going to probably make this) or at least pay for my money that I will spend there, I would also like to mine but the highest hashrate I got on my laptop is 2Kh/s.
So yeah, I can't mine s**t. I am also trading some Steam games for Dogecoins since I got few games in key format.
Thanks to anyone who sends me any amount of Doge, at least post below so I can thank you personally. ( I feel weird saying thanks in before something happened.)
From Steam games (all keys besides Magicka which is Humble Bundle gift link) I currently have: Magicka Men of War Red Tide Death To Spies : Gold

Here is my address: D9qUXzAEPxDfzdNfPaeFj82tm5RZKGhhDA if anyone wants to help me.
Appreciate free doges, thanks!


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