Author Topic: NEW cannabis seeds website needs your help to get ranked by google  (Read 718 times)

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Hello my fellow Doges,

Not sure if this is the correct category to post this, but here it goes.
While I was making a new website in where you can buy your own cannabis seeds from Amsterdam I was thinking about integrating new payment methods.  We accept bitcoins for now, but since I personally have more hope in dogecoins I made the decision to integrate this payment method if there is enough demand for it. is a webshop from Amsterdam in where you can buy your own cannabis seeds. Shipping to all corners and parts in the world is both possible as legal.

The website is called and our main priority is to get ranked by google. How does a cannabis website gets ranked by google? If we sell enough seeds in one day, google will pick us up and place us on the top. SEO alone does not work.

We accept bitcoins for now, because it is less complex to build in this payment method into a website. If we sell enough seeds this month, I will make sure that from next month on we will accept dogecoins aswell.

Sorry for my lack on English and I hope you guys buy my seed!

Many thanks from
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Let me start this by saying to each his own when it comes to this.

-Wrong Section. since you are offering a web service/sale this should be in services.

-"Shipping to all corners and parts in the world is both possible as legal." Wrong! Not every country has laid back laws like amsterdam. The sales to the U.S.A. are 100% illegal. Not only would customs stop it at the border but the Buyer would be in deep shit. You should Adjust your description.

-After all The B.S. that Bitcoin has gone through with the scandals about Silk road and Drugs and Money laundering now you introduce the same scenario on Dogecoin? This topic is Walking a fine line between Legal and Illegal.

IMHO this thread should be removed. Just feels dirty seeing this post.


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