Author Topic: 100000 Dogecoin-$109.89 accept paypal and okpay,send in 2 minut  (Read 566 times)

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100000 Dogecoin-$109.89 accept paypal and okpay,send in 2 minutes {last day promotion}
50000 Dogecoin-$59.99
150000 Dogecoin=$156.66
200000 Dogecoin=$198.88
300000 Dogecoin=$277.77
400000 Dogecoin=$355.55
500000 Dogecoin=$429.99

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Let me warn everyone before they start clicking links.

This post has been spammed on every board by 2 accounts, bfsdbhreshb43 and litekoincom. Both are used solely to spam this and they are still yet to be taken down. The litekoin site is malicious and is indeed a scam. Please pay attention and think before you click.

The promotion that they support is already quite fishy in itself. It's domain is about "litekoin" but is selling Doge. A quick google search verified that this was indeed a scam and a malicious site. With Avast, the page was blocked as a "Malicious Site". The terrible grammar, formatting, and random placement of the links also pop out as a potential scam.

If you find anymore of these, please report this as the longer this goes on, the more Shibes lose their precious Doge.
Such wow. Very thanks. Much send.



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