Author Topic: 1000000 Dogecoin-$109.89 accept paypal and okpay,send in 2 minu  (Read 746 times)

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1000000 Dogecoin-$109.89 accept paypal and okpay,send in 2 minutes {last day promotion}
500000 Dogecoin-$59.99
1500000 Dogecoin=$156.66
2000000 Dogecoin=$198.88
3000000 Dogecoin=$277.77
4000000 Dogecoin=$355.55
5000000 Dogecoin=$429.99


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how are you avoiding paypal scams?
Mining Hardware and Accessories

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It's obviously a virus dude.

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I won't put this on every one of this chaps postings.... ;)
Please ignore everything I say.

If you are mad and want to send me doge, then throw them at DKdxcKgNGLh82zEfETV2Hdjv3qDRatM1Xy
(don't though... giving me doge is crazy.  I would only spend them on sweets.)

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 8)loooose it all below 8)
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