Author Topic: Raising Dogecoin to film while driving a Lamborghini around Vegas  (Read 690 times)

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My partner and I have an opportunity to Fly to Las Vegas and drive a Lamborghini for 48 hours, No chance I would miss out on this so we are flying 14 Hours to Vegas on the 23rd of February then hoping in the car and enjoying the beauty of Vegas. I'm planning on sticking a GoPro on the car and filming while we drive through Red Rock Canyon and down the Stip, Sure I could buy a GoPro the usual way but since I'm a Dogecoin enthusiast I want to have a little fun and see if I can raise $400NZD ($329USD) for the GoPro. I'll then edit the video and upload it all thanks to Dogecoin :)

We'll be getting the car from Vegas Luxury Rides I'll be sure to mention Dogecoin to them :) Any tips and donations are much appreciated this is for fun and would love to see Dogecoin help with my adventures.


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