Author Topic: [ANN] is Giving Away 100,000 DOGE to all P2Pool Miners  (Read 809 times)

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For those who do not know P2Pool is a decentralized mining pool. Some benefits to using P2Pool verses a more traditonal pool are:

  • To join a node, all you need is your payout address
  • The P2Pool network is DDOS resistant, if the node you are mining on is down, you can just switch to another node, without losing any shares
  • If a node is compromised, the attacker cannot steal any of the worker's payouts
  • Miners get higher payouts than normal pools because they receive transactions fees from block rewards
The above reasons were taken straight from What is P2Pool? and is a great place to go to learn more about it.

The 100,000 DOGE are going to be given out in lumps of 5,000 once per day for 20 days. I run two Dogecoin nodes at with both having a 0.5% fee but you can use any node you like, not just mine. You can find a complete list of nodes at listing fees and latency from your location.

First Donation: 851bfffd680067a31dcb9abfc40967dca0012a5c48f29ef1d58996f21ca558c5

Further updates can be found on Reddit.


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