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Re: ATTN: Master Hand
« on: January 14, 2014, 09:55:57 PM »
I did not scammed you i lost 155 k and you sent no money how can that be a scam i never scammed anyone i got scammed myself.
You said that your sorry for me in the pm then why do you say i am a scammer plz dont break my rep........
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Re: ATTN: Master Hand
« Reply #1 on: January 14, 2014, 10:31:04 PM »
Master Hand just got me good......real good.....

58K of my 145K doge....gone, just like that.....

I offered to go first in our doge/ltc trade, in small increments. He sent the ltc at first, but when the time came for the last trade, I sent my doge first again, and know the rest  :-\

Note to self: It's not just "lump sum" payments/trades that can get you scammed.....

I'll say one thing - he definitely taught me about using escrow. I see now that THERE IS NO OTHER OPTION, PEOPLE. No matter how good their feedback seems (or if they have no feedback), no matter what their fame is, or how many/little posts they have, or how "legit" they seem in their replies. Here I am, a member with no feedback/trade count and very few posts, yet I'm the one who got burned. And I'm the type who some members would specifically suggest not to trade with/buy from (which is exactly what happened in one of my threads)

I shied away from escrow at first because I'm not too familiar with the actual process, and I was so eager for a 'quick sell/trade' and thought that it would just be nothing but extra time. Well, now I'm gonna take the time to learn it because that's the ONLY way I'm buying/selling coin on here from now on.

The ONLY reason I trusted Master Hand despite his negative fame/feedback was because it seemed like all of the negatives that he got was from one person spamming his account over and over (like a troll, or someone who got mad at him).....the rest of his feedback was positive and from different members, so I gave him a shot. The fame/feedback system really needs to be fixed (if not removed altogether); members shouldn't be allowed to negatively spam accounts like that, especially when the other feedback is nothing but positive from several others. Not only does it put legit members in the negative and make them seem untrustworthy to some, but it also gives the false impression that the account member is legit due to the other feedback, and that the account simply got brought down to the negative by one single person.....when in reality, that same person might end up being correct about the account

I don't mind losing the 58K doge that much. It was cheap when I got it, it's still somewhat cheap now, and I actually plan on getting WAY more in the coming weeks. But what sucks is two things: learning the hard way that you simply can't trust ANYBODY on here (except the mods/admins.....maybe  ;D ). And that at the end of it all, I didn't get a single positive feedback through buying/selling, to show others on here that I'm trustworthy - which was another goal I had at first. Well.....actually, I suppose the whole feedback/fame thing is worthless to me now, since I'll be using only escrow anyway, and I'm advising everyone else to do the same.......

Oh, well....I don't believe in karma, but I do believe that bad things are guaranteed to happen to EVERYBODY at some point in life. Some people don't deserve them.....but some do. And thankfully, that's exactly how the ones that do, eventually get their payback....and their reminder of what they did long after they've probably forgotten it.
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