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Minus a DDoS I'm currently working to block and after a lot of testing and balancing, DogeSlots is now live and I am looking to either crowdfund or take investments from savvy shibes to develop on top of this existing site, a shibe scratchcard and/or 50/50 coin flip game.

Put simply, I am not a web developer at all. I know a lot of well versed individuals who can help me bring these projects to life but they all require some kind of payment (even if its just beer and pizza.)
I used up all of my budget in developing DogeSlots but there is a lot of potential in hosting other games, so I am looking for 500,000 DOGE to pay for these games to be developed properly by experts and balanced fairly.

Dogeslots is currently generating a very small trickle of DOGEs as profit which I will build up to the value of 500,000 to fund prizes in other games once released. Any donations would therefore be paying directly into the pay pool once the game(s) have been developed.

Any large scale investors may want to contact me to buy into the development of a particular game and earn % DOGE profit when its established.

Investments: DGN6YbXvEiej1qvfAAjoXZpxJJNzcaXtcC

Thanks for reading, and please check out the slots.
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