Author Topic: Re: How To Move Wallet With All My Riches To New PC 3k Bounty!!!  (Read 895 times)

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I'm not sure how to fix your issue.  I would guess that something got messed up in the copy.

I also had to transfer my money to another PC.  But I did it a different way.  I just ran the dogecoin wallet on the new PC, creating a new wallet, and then transferred all the coins to the new wallet.  Works like a charm, and you don't have to go though all the pain of trying to figure out which files to copy.

Sorry you are going through this mess.  This is the one bad aspect of crypto and/or hardware can kill you.  Online wallets less risky I guess, but of course there is always a chance of someone hacking the system (like any bank)

so coin.  much get.   plz dig.
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