Author Topic: WTS Over 300,000 Dogecoin Via Paypal - .55 cents per 1k - 10,000 - 20,000  (Read 675 times)

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I've been selling dogecoins on ebay and after having them pull many of my auctions even though I was sending physical paper wallets i've taken to the forum.

I have quite a few hundred thousand in stock and am needing cash to pay this months bills. Obviously since I am accepting paypal and taking a risk of chargeback I will only be selling in small increments.

Pricing: .55 cents per 1k - 10,000 - 20,000 max at a time

Buyer Requirements:

 * You MUST have a verified paypal account

 * You Must provide proof of address linked to paypal account in the form of a picture or scanned image of a recent utility bill. This is to help prevent fraudulent purchases and abuse of Paypal accounts.

* You must send payment first and then follow the next step.

* You must forward paypal payment receipt to my email and then follow next step

*  After sending payment you must then confirm your home address by sending a picture of a utility bill with the same linked address as your paypal payment information to my paypal email address.
* After confirmation of your address from photo's of utility bill with same address as paypal, I will then send the entire amount of dogecoin to your wallet.

No Utility Bill Photo or Forwarded Paypal Receipt to my email = immediate refund
Non verified - Immediate refund

PM me to talk more detail!


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