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Dogecoin Poker
« on: December 31, 2013, 08:21:08 PM »
I'm notlike the one dude on the forum I don't need funding for the software nor the offshore hosting

I was going to do this with a member on this forum but things fell through he found another partner

I have the domain, I have the hosting, I have the Mavens Gold Software

I just need help setting up tables rakeback, game types etc and I will offer 10% rakeback to first 1000 signups that is a goodway to get players signed up and I will make sure to ban dual ip address's no colluders.

Who is willing to help I can give oyu a private tinychat room where im on my windows server and you tell me what to do we can get the website setup tonight i can integrate mainly dogecoin since so cheap bitcoin and litecoin.


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