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Re: Wil;l quit drinking for 20,000 Doge
« on: December 25, 2013, 04:09:33 AM »
this is my address, I think I can help you


first of all, sorry my shitty english.

when you have the desire of drink alcohol, just meditate and drink a lot of water or orange juice, the orange have this effect with tobacco and alcohol, makes both taste horrible, hope this can help you, also... some tips (trust me Im a doctor):

never say or think this is the last time that you are gonna to drink, this generate some anxious that make you want to drink even more.

dont think about dont drinking alcohol, dont think about it at all, and if you need some, drink red wine, 1  glass, red wine is a good choice to drink, tasted good and its good for our cardiovascular system

during the first days, maybe weeks, you are gonna be maybe mad, like someone who just is quitting smoking, but its normal, if this happen, go to you doctor and say that you need rivotril or tranxilium (be careful with the first one, its very addictive) for anxiety.

dont worry if someday you drink something, but dont get drunk, you can drink something sometimes, dont worry about it.

dont use substitutes substances for the alcohol, not even the legal drugs I said before, thats just for puntual exceptions.

hope this can help you.

I had some years ago the same problem with alcohol and other drugs, what I did was meditate, do excercise and dont think about alcohol, just see it like something normal, we all drink something, so dont think about never ever drink again, thats I think almost impossible, just control the thoughts and control yourself.

hope this help you in some way



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