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Re: Selling Steam Games for Doge
« on: December 24, 2013, 02:05:23 AM »
Hey there fellow Shibes!

I absolutely love Doge and I want more! What better way to get it than to offer a helpful service for all you Doges.

I'm willing to buy you games via Steam in exchange for payment with Dogecoin! I am not offering bulk reselling costs or stockholding tons of codes. I am offering to gift you games at its current Steam selling price.

Don't trust me? Why would you!? I'm a zero post shibenub. All about this Shibe: I run, my personal business blog is at and my personal business site is My ebay is HyperionXL is my main online name as well as my Steam name. I go by Oreganobag over at BitcoinTalk. BitcoinBlogger at LitecoinTalk. My skype is hyperionxl. My main email is contact at justindupre dot com. You can contact me through any of those venues!

So, how does it work?

1. Contact me through here, email (contact at justindupre dot com) or Skype (HyperionXL) with the details on the games you want.
2. Once an agreed upon Dogecoin price has been established, send your Doges over to this address: DLSTtKq2FikSiDNBHq6Yy3skcv5y6WG437
3. The easiest way to gift is if you are my friend on Steam. Add me (, or tell me your Steam email address so I can gift the games.
4. Once a couple of transactions are showing in my wallet, I will transfer the game to you straight away!

Still don't trust me? Contact me, ask me to post a pic of this thread on any of my sites, etc. All my contact info is up there and if I fuck you shibes over, I fuck myself over.

Current Exchange Rate: 2000 Dogecoins Per $1 USD. Subject to change and negotiations. Larger orders get lower rates!

That's it! So step right up, buy your games and lets go!

-- Sales History --

None yet!


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