Author Topic: Make sure the Casino/Game is prove-able fair before you play! NOT after!!  (Read 665 times)

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Just a friendly reminder to all you new doge owners... always be sure to make sure they are prove-able fair!  I was looking at today for a guy and their "fair" is this:

How do I know DogeCasino is Fair?
It has been tested by third parties and verified by many dogecoin forums. The odds are among the best for any gambling game because it’s essentially a game of over/under on a random number. The game works similar to a random number generator (RNG) and is fully random. The combination of the transaction hash and the wager transaction from the block chain determine if each bet is a winner or loser by using the first four bytes of the hash.

This is NOT prove-able fair!!! Think about it... you have no way to prove it :P

Check out if you go to the "fair" tab you will see everything is totally transparent and you can check the math or even enter a previous roll to see if it checks out.  Compare the prove-able tab at the top Bitcoin casinos (they look similar to  and the list goes on.... Please if you have any question feel free to comment and remember... if you have a ounce of worry, keep your doges in the kennel (your wallet!)
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