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Survival: The Beginning
By: Artemis Games
What is Survival: The Beginning?:
Survival is a game series that allows you to make your own choices and take your own path. The plot is based around WWIII. You can choose to be the nice guy and save everyone, or be the bad guy and kill people for their belongings.
How many Doges do we need?
We have a large goal of 110,000Ɖ (Dogecoins) equal to around $150.
Where will the money be spent?
  • Webhosting (For our website)
  • Any licences needed for the game development

TOTAL RAISED: 0/110,000Ɖ

Now, we know that we are asking for a lot, that is why we are giving somethings back

100Ɖ = A personal thank you from us
1000Ɖ = a $1.50 discount ($10 regular price)
10,000Ɖ = All of the above and beta access [ONLY 50 LEFT]
25,000Ɖ = All of the above and the game [ONLY 10 LEFT]
Anything above, please message us!

To get your rewards, please message me with your donation amount and your dogecoin address.

DONATIONS: DBfGk6XcrergM8uL5nE4MhbcEVEcypAk4U


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