Author Topic: WOW Escrow for my fellow Doge's - such so  (Read 487 times)

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WOW Escrow for my fellow Doge's - such so
« on: December 18, 2013, 12:23:32 AM »
Yo peeps, since time from time I see Escrow shouts, i can help out. I have my own machines, and I do not care to scam you. Me hunt scammers for Doge's!
Zis is what I can offer you :

0. Must send pm with how much you selling and who is buying or otherwise
2.mE VERY CONFIRM BUYER that coins much landed
3.Buyer send payment DIRECT to seller (me care not to mess with paypal, or other very such payment options you choose)
4.Seller replies that money much wow is safe - Me releases Doge's to buyer!
5. If all happy happy - joy, joy me receives a tips to my bone jar!


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