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Re: [ANN] Too much greed killl the concept
« on: December 17, 2013, 08:15:50 AM »
if the early and super miner will keep the millions of DOGE they accumulated during these days they will not be trillionaire, not ever millionaires because DOGE will never reach $0.01 even, so please invest, donate and make all the enthusiastic at least as happy as you are so they will do their best for the interest of everyone to promote it... there is tons of Cryptocoins right now...

I was begging for few DOGE since few days here and I got only 40 while I figured out that it's a matter of fraction of second for someone who have 7990HD to make Ð100, and nobody even advised me to pool mine or so ever... it like we are enemies not a community.

So keep dreaming and enjoying your day dreams while they last... and let your greed kill Shibu.

no WOW such sad!

I completely agree, I've been mining since bitcoins and dogecoin is gonna be another shitcoin because of all the greed and scammers. I literally don't wanna mine anymore and support the currency because everywhere I have tried I got fucked over.

I'm gonna laugh at all the jewtards counting their shekels thinking they will be millionaires only failing to realize they fucked over the people who would make it valuable in the first place. Ahhh 4chan stay stupid
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