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[SERVICE] Proof-Reading
« on: December 10, 2013, 03:56:50 PM »
I will proof-read anything you need for a fee per thousand words, in DOGE.
Please note that I only proof-read in English.
I am a small-time respected erotica author (several thousand readers and five-star reviews) on a pornographic website, I currently work as the lead writer in the employ of a well-known independant games development team, and have GCSEs in both English Language and Literature at "A" grade.

Pricing: 160,000 DOGE per thousand words. Considering the average cost of a proof-reader is easily in excess of $8 per thousand words, and that the value of DOGE is marginally greater than 0.05BTC per million, this is a very reasonable sum, as all the figures have been rounded down to make this a service affordable to many.

I am willing to haggle to an extent. Interesting work (proof-reading your short story) is at a discount, while boring work (proof-reading your homework) is at a slight premium.
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