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[DogeSpread] = idea like many others, but... [SOCIAL EXPERIMENT]
« on: December 15, 2013, 11:10:32 AM »
Hello, I would like to share my idea about dogecoin site, not just another site like many others but also a social experiment that will show that DogeCoin works! So..... whats so special about my idea? Here we go...

I would like to create a website all about dogecoins (In polish for now), where I will show everyone what Doge is, how it works, where you can buy things with it, everything that common internet user has no idea about, in a simple, easy understandable languague. Site will be fully sponsored with DogeCoin (And I won't forget to MENTION IT) so it will show everyone that it works! I want to show everyone what's doge with Social Media, Website and advertisiment. After it starts, I will create an opportunity for everyone to get some free Doge with social events using social media. To make everyone talk about so others could join (Something like giveaway but in form of competition). I have lots of ideas for it and I would like to see it working :) And why? Because I'm also curious about it :)
Everyone who will help me with this, will be remembered and If site will grow, I'll think of some rewards for u guys, most probably some Doge stuff, like cups, shirts or something familiar. In time, I'll create business plan so u might get some funds back to u too (Not a promise but it might happen) I will also create a journal about my SITE, about how I created it from nothing and how DOGE changed things for me.

Ideas? Questions? ASK ME ANYTHING!

Best regards,



I forgot to say how many DOGE I will need for it, well there's no such thing as limit but I can say (in dollars) that I need DOGE worth about 10-30 dollars to pay for everything, and eveyrthing besides that will go to the competition "jackpot".

In next days I will start posting here informations about what I did, it will be mostly Social Media stuff since I can't host site yet. When I'll finish site layout it will be also posted here. So wait for more info and for now keep this "thread" running, I want you to talk about it, give me ideas and make everything grow faster ;)
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Tell me what you think about this! I rushed a bit with my idea :) Coming back soon with few things to show :)


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