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[Peer Reserve] - Accept Dogecoins on Real Market
« on: December 14, 2013, 02:16:40 PM »
Hello my fellow Doges! I am developing a such wow such website that will accept Dogecoins. I am on verge of developing an Market depending on the demand and supply of Dogecoins as it has gone up. I am also making a online Payment processor for Dogeocoin which can be chargebacked if something does go wrong. We are developing a complex system, yet manual to allow trading of virtual goods unlike PayPal. Hence all your transactions will be guaranteed safe.

The transactions will be done anonymously, while still holding onto the original idea of Crypto Currency. Users will also have the ability to sell product and the amount of Dogecoins will fluctuate depending on the market.

Right now, the system will accept not only Bitcoins but Dogecoins as well. Hopefully I will get Litecoins as well. My belief is higher on Dogecoins, hence I am developing a system for Dogecoins first rather than Litecoins.

The development will cost around $11000 USD. It will be a high security, user-friendly, and professional payment module with a website where users can buy/sell stuff.

I hope Dogecoins goes to main stream. Please message me if you wish to donate Dogecoins or real USD. The development is in progress. At the moment we are not implementing anything but Bitcoins but hopefully to change that and add implementation of Dogecoins as well.

If you have more question, PM me or post here!

Donate Dogecoin at DDAQ9hA3HKRZpkTbNCEYiTUw9ubGX3b4zH
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