Author Topic: Let us flash back to the point in time  (Read 518 times)

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Let us flash back to the point in time
« on: August 01, 2014, 12:33:46 AM »

 mens oakley radar sunglasses jeans or anything at all that appears much too informal. Inventing The Money MachineMoney has changed the way people live on planet earth. there are different definitions and perceptions about money by different people all around the world. In fact money is the secret reason for most of the actions of the children of men in the land of the living, What is money? It is the acceptable medium of exchange. We have to remember that money had not always existed on planet earth, we (humans) came to agree to accept money as the legal tender for purchase of goods and services.

 an arrangement that was perceived to be better than the trade by batter which was in common use. Indeed, the use of money has eased the way we do business, simplified our lifestyles, encouraged division of labour and increased professionalism.Let us flash back to the point in time in the history of mankind on planet earth, at that time when money had not been discovered and accepted as the legal tender and means of doing business. Life was difficult and stressfull as people will have to carry their goods and services to other places where exchanges would be made. Lets take a.

 oakley oil rig sunglasses review typical real life example of you producing vegeatable oil and you need some textile or clothes but since nobody in your locality deals in textile materials, you will have to carry your goods to that town where you can get textile materials and remember that there was no modern means of transportation. You can imagine how tedious the transaction would be at that time.When money came, it introduced a lot of ease and convenience to the daily businesses, people began to get richer with little effort, although there were very wealthy people on earth even before the advent of money.


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