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Women Air Jordan 13 for sale
« on: July 21, 2014, 12:12:58 AM »
When England faced Honduras in their final friendly match before the start of this summer’s World Cup in Brazil. With English expectations hovering at uncharacteristically realistic levels, Roy Hodgson will have appreciated an injury-free, competitive encounter.
For the Central American nation, competing in only their third finals, the match represented a good opportunity to prepare for three group games against France, Ecuador and Switzerland. They were eager to better Women Air Jordan 13 for sale their record from South Africa 2010 when they picked up just a solitary point. However, three successive defeats saw them return home empty handed.

Yet while the men’s national team was dominating the country’s sporting coverage, in isolated rural communities in the south of the nation football projects are also being used to improve conditions for an altogether different part of Honduran society, one that is traditionally unrepresented and overlooked.

A mix of geographic isolation and deep-seated traditions mean that various communities in this part of Honduras remain unexposed to much of what happens in the outside world, and the traditional patriarchal society sees the man as head of the household. Due to a lack of independence and opportunities to socialise, women here are often timid, reserved and reluctant to share their thoughts and opinions. This is where football, that most popular of male sports, Women Air Jordan has played an unlikely role in promoting gender equality.

At 1,700 metres above sea level, not too far from the border with El Salvador, sits La Esperanza. This Honduran city, with a population of around 20,000, enjoys a cool climate and beautiful mountain scenery.

Situated between thirty minutes and an hour away, in differing directions along unpaved dirt roads, are the small communities of Belén, Manazapa and Los Encinos. Home to indigenous Lenca people, the residents of these communities live without electricity, running water or any access to healthcare or emergency services. They rely on Women Jordans For Sale the land for their income, and use whatever scant resources Air Jordans For Women they have – chickens, maize, and rice – for food.


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