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How to make Bitcoin ! ( Without Hardware ! ) Passive Income !!

How can a person in this time make a Bitcoin ?

I tried this and it worth it !!

100 USD i changed on bitcoins and send to CEX.IO , divide them and gradually buy GHS for small price, which i subsequently sell for high price. Then i reinvest 40% from profit and the rest i save or change for money.

If price of GHS drops and selling is not worth, i let my GHS mining as a permanent asset, which is generating another BITCOINS whith which i can trade. Today i got profit 0.9 BTC a month and still growing.

Advanced strategies and steps for CEX.IO you find here: HERE

Next i use where I apply the same principle.

Next is where is possible buying of GHS or KHS for many currencies just on 24 hours, And for exchange of BTC and other currencies i use LocalBitcoin

If you choose, you'll be my referrals, I am willing to provide free advices on your mail. Email me at

If you want earn an extra Bitcoins for free go here: Websites to Earn Free Bitcoins !

And if you want another tutorial about how to mine bitcoin or absolutely for begginers you find it: HERE


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