Author Topic: FIFA 14 Ultimate Team addiction with £4,000 bill  (Read 320 times)

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FIFA 14 Ultimate Team addiction with £4,000 bill
« on: July 04, 2014, 12:42:36 AM »
The popular fifa 14 ultimate team coins mode is in the headlines now and not for the right reasons. While we all love opening FIFA 14 Ultimate Team Player Packs, it appears that some consumers are unhappy that these packs can lead to an addiction and high credit card bills.
FIFA 14 Ultimate Team addiction with £4,000 bill
This has happened to one mother in the UK, who has appeared in the limelight after her 13-year old son has managed to rack up a shocking £4,000 bill opening FIFA 14 Ultimate Team packs.
Even worse, the consumer has told the BBC that around £1,000 was spent in just 24 hours and that EA are at fault for not setting enough restrictions to make it more clear to young players that real money transactions are always taking place when purchasing coins.
As you can imagine, this has created a rather heated debate on actually who is at fault here. Social media has been running wild and there are many comments from others who say that the parent shouldn’t have given her son access to her credit card.
One quote from the parent reads:
“They must be making an awful lot of money out of the misfortune of other people and I think they make it too easy”
Would you say this that this is true, or do you believe that it is not EA’s responsibility to police Ultimate Team purchases in a better manner?
One thing fifa 14 coins we would say, is that EA should definitely increase the odds during FIFA 14 Ultimate Team pack openings to find a rare player, especially if gamers are blowing these kinds of crazy money just to get that inform or TOTY player.


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