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Is there a main currency in WildStar
« on: June 30, 2014, 07:54:10 PM »
WildStar features several different kinds of Currencies, that is used to purchase items from players or NPCs,and in addition they may be divied into several types.

Non-standard currency
Renown-earned through social activities such as grouping or mentoring.
Elder Gems - acquired using Elder Points earned at level cap. 75,000 Elder Points = 1 Elder Gem
Prestige - earned by defeating enemy Cheap Wildstar Platinum   and completing PVP objectives.
Crafting Vouchers - rewarded by tradeskill work orders, invested on tradeskill talent respecs, mid-game crafting schematic purchases, crafting materials, elder game crafting schematics, elder game crafting materials.
Influence - earned by way of guild by grouping together.

There are numerous kinds of Cheap WS Gold  currency,so what is the main currency? Someone thought The main currency is WildStar gold, that is utilized to get mundane items. This is also the main currency that players use when getting together with one another during Trading or around the Auction House or Commodities exchange.Then is always that true ?
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