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Other loot on offer includes three level 90 shields
« on: June 30, 2014, 07:52:36 PM »
The rewards for prevailing are a handful of one of the most impressive seen yet. Firstly, there's malevolent armour - level 90 power-type melee armour that sits alongside the mighty tectonic and sirenic sets. There is not any better gear hanging around for doling out damage up-close, along with the protection there is is only exceeded by superior tetsu armour. It's created by level 91+ smiths, using stabilised malevolent energy - a resource that could be won by escaping the  Rs 2007 Gold[/b along with your life - in addition to reinforcing plate bought RS Gold from Saro in Keldagrim.

It degrades in the same Rs Gold  because other level 90 power armours - then it are not repaired, then when it's worn-out, it disintegrates - but that's a small price to pay for looking this blood-curdlingly cool.

Other loot on offer includes three level 90 shields - one for every single combat type.They degrade within the traditional way, to make sure they become unusable when fully degraded and may be repaired at Bob's Axes in Lumbridge, or at an armour substitute your player-owned house. They are amazing, and really should be top of every high-level tank's wish list.

Finally, you will find six new companion pets to post - each a significantly cuter version of merely one with the six Barrows Brothers. To obtain one, you'll want to use 500 malevolent energy while using the Grand Exchange set item for example in the Barrows armour sets (note that this won't work with Akrisae's set). If all six of such little fellows meet the other publicly they'll interact, so produce the bobbleheads if you're meeting your friends.


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