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Runescape skill resets
« on: June 29, 2014, 08:28:58 PM »
While using the results of the recent combat level poll returning a 138-based formula in the future, we’re exploring options for giving limited skill resets for players trying them. Within investigating this topic, I’d really love to have your ideas and feedback.

To present some background… with Evolution of Buy Runescape Gold the earlier kind of “pure” accounts were made redundant. Promptly aren’t aware, pures are specialist character builds which purposefully kept certain skills low level, for example “skill pures” who avoided any combat-oriented skills especially prayer or constitution, or “combat pures” who often kept defence to some minimum. After Evolution of Combat’s release, some people who’d built pure accounts started training the skill sets they’d previous avoided. Using a return to a 138-based combat formula, it will likely be plausible for players to desire to resume playing as pures, and may even need to rollback certain levels of skill they’ve since starting training again.

It is usually worth proclaiming that Jagex hasn't ever officially supported pures; especially as it encourages players to stop otherwise enjoyable content. In spite of this, we do appreciate some players like building specialist characters, and wish to  Cheap Rs Gold some methods of allowing players to resume their old play style, prior to an upcoming combat level formula change.


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