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WildStar Guide:What to do at level 50
« on: June 29, 2014, 08:26:11 PM »
If you rech level 50 in Ws Platinum which called Elder Gem.Probably the most noticeable change will be on your experience bar, in places you stop earning experience point. But, you start out earning Elder points for every task and kill that will award you with xp. For each and every 75k Elder Points you receive 1 Elder Gem, accustomed to purchase various items and unlocks with the Elder Gem vendor in Illium / Thayd. Weekly cap is 140 elder gems or 10.5 million Elder Points.
It will need weeks to get everything, which means you should produce a priority list. That (Genesis Key – 150 Elder gems) which starts the attunement chain for raids is often the first choice, as well as AMP Power Upgrade (320 Elder gems), Ability Tier Points unlocks (400 Elder gems), and Mounts however it’s really up to your requirements. On the list of important activities is boosting your housing Buy Wildstar Gold bonus XP modifiers, or else you can befriend anyone who has more, become neighbors, and log out at his place.


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