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WildStar Guide:How to Maximizing your housing buff
« on: June 29, 2014, 08:23:17 PM »
It truly is seen to that you can find 5 forms of housing buffs, Aroma, Comfort, Lighting, Pride and Ambience. These buffs control the amount of rested XP you have when logged off in your own home. But with this point you most likely already know just that. You have also learned that obtaining a great deal of small lights won't consitute a large lighting Cheap WS Gold etc. I really have complied an easy to use list of those items that you can locate and afford that may provides you with the large buffs so you can have the most rested xp possible. (Note can be challenging be shrunk down as small as possible and can still give the maximum buff so you do not have to display something you think that looks stupid. Size makes no difference here ;) Secondly, it might be inside or outside of your house.) Also one last word before I go forward, rested xp matters at 50 likewise. Zinc heightens your Elder point gathering, which becomes Elder gems. So if you live already 50, you should think of this.
Lighting: Draken Tallhorn Brazier Location: Whitevale Quartermaster (In Palerock Post) Cost: 3s 69c
Pride: Chua Bookshelf (Tall) Location: Housing vendor Cost: 4g
Aroma:  Ws Platinum Planter Location: Housing Vendor Cost: 1g 50s
Ambience: Charming Bar Location: Housing vendor Cost: 4g
Comfort: (This blog is a bit tricky as most things that you should buy on the housing vendor costs 15000 renown or higher.) Which means best option (for reasonable/free) is this fact: Granok Four Poster Bed Location: Moonshine cabin challenge; rare drop (If spending 15000 renown floats your boat, the Draken Sofa increases the large comfort buff.)


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