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FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 test
« on: June 25, 2014, 08:50:57 PM »
With the <b><a href="" title="Buy Fifa 14 Coins">Buy Fifa 14 Coins</a></b><br/> delivers not surprisingly, the matching game for 2014er World Cup. But instead of next-gen capacity to use, the title is simply for PS3 and Xbox 360 console Also, isn't even close to gets nothing. What / things the Brazil-FIFA, you betray our test.

Final whistle in Rio de Janeiro! The Spanish team drops for the lawn, the reigning world champion is defeated, yes, even outclassed. 0:4 in a final through which it had been started as being a big favorite and you really are now leaving the glass clear loser. Conversely, players with the new world champion inside the arms lie, shed tears of joy, relief and are aware that here is the moment where they became legends. Jamaica is world champion. Please what?

We aren't talking here obviously the actual football, of course, Jamaica shines not simply for the World Cup in June in Brazil with absence, but also has no less than the following 40 years nothing with any item for the hat. No, the title for that Reggae Boyz jumped out naturally in the newest part of the official World Cup games by EA. At the very least for many people.

In concept, the developer-oriented at excellent championship game really, the non-circular and bugged DLC on the last EM is studiously ignored. It has the advantages of one, such that the scope really neat fails and World Cup fans may not necessarily contain the main game, but on the other disadvantages. The pricing policy is good for example highly questionable. For everyone mini-improvements or changes FIFA World Cup 2014 justifies actually no top dollar 30-40 euro could possibly are already right.

Because, generally, the entire world Cup spin-off plays almost exactly like the very last fall released FIFA 14 - mind you that for the last console generation. Just FIFA gamers that have already switched to the PS4 version, EA can using World Cup hardly elicit still behind the stove. The event acts of non-circular, undynamic and appears - specifically in the fan cutscenes - not too dewy from. The fact it's fun, naturally, lies in mind that perhaps the <b><a href="" title="Buy Fifa 14 Coins">Buy Fifa 14 Coins</a></b><br/> would have been a wonderful game and it is still. Only: Right now you could have just seen what exactly is possible in a virtual football game. And since the FIFA World Cup can not sustain.


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