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Fight in the fallen god Runescape
« on: June 24, 2014, 08:37:31 PM »
Bandos is dead, but his followers still desire to fight in the fallen god , the most up-to-date high-level quest in 07 Runescape Gold.

You will have to survive a brutal tournament Dorgeshuun save from certain death and give purpose to bandosiens disoriented.

Read on to acquire more information, or visit game now and choose Dorgesh-Kaan!

Thirst for vengeance

General Graardor and the supporters want the goblin caves and Zanik, they attributed for the fall in their god. Faced with a real threat, Ur-Tag , Chief Dorgeshuun, needs your help.

General Graardor
You are able to reach Yu'biusk and may represent the Dorgeshuun in the sacred Kyzaj tournament , which will determine the revolutionary leader of bandosiennes forces.

Master an old weapon to destroy the many who oppose you, and choose their fate! The fate of most, goblins, orcs, ogres, trolls and ourgs together, was in the hands, even that relating to a once famous goblin.

Achieve victory to obtain great rewards:

A 2-handed weapon to crush type, level 70, it is possible to improve and go to level 75 with the addition of a guard Buy Runescape Gold . It is additionally for sale in decorative appearance.
A book packed with bandosienne history, which you can add chronic Yu'biusk discovered following the quest.
Title, better valuables in the booty Bork, the possibility of changing the destination of Teleport spell Trollheim for entry Dungeon war gods and significant gains XP that can enhance your combat statistics.
How the strongest wins!


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